Most people think I am unlucky when they find out I am a whitewater kayaker from the Netherlands. I think they are wrong.
My Dutch roots force me to charge hard when I am at home to be ready for action as soon as I get close to a new river to paddle or an event to race. From slalom paddling to the gym, running to climbing or swimming laps in the pool, I try to be as versatile as possible because it makes me feel like a better athlete and more complete as a person. Apart from being a competitive extreme racer, I believe the best way of exploring and pushing the limits of the sport is by doing what we love most, travel to new places and share unique experiences with close friends. Lately, I find myself drawn more and more to this expeditionary style of kayaking and this is starting to shape me as a kayaker. This urge for exploration draws me to the most exciting places on earth and allows me to go to places where no man has ever paddled before, a pretty rare thing these days. Although it is sometimes hard to combine all this with the normal daily life, I have managed to juggle things around as much as needed in order to do what I love most. Paddling.

Because I prefer to spend my time paddling rather than blogging, this site is pretty straight forward. If you'd like to see more of what I've been doing, please visit the team blog at